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It is generally recommended that you have your HVAC unit serviced at least once a year to keep it running smoothly. However, if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, you may need to have it serviced more frequently. Your technician will be able to advise you on how often to have your unit serviced based on its make and model.

Some common problems with HVAC units include:


• Dirty or clogged filters

• Broken parts

• Leaks

• Refrigerant charge issues

• Incorrectly sized units

• Improper installation


Keep in mind that these are only some of the most common problems with HVAC units- there could be others that are specific to your unit.

Heating and cooling systems are complex machines that require the expertise of a trained professional. Attempting to repair your HVAC unit yourself could void your warranty, cause further damage to the unit, or even injure you. It’s always best to leave repairs to the professionals.

A new HVAC unit may be more energy-efficient than your old one, which could save you money on your energy bills. However, the initial cost of a new unit can be expensive, so it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. You should also consult with a professional to see if a new unit is the best option for your home.

Best HVAC Repair New Orleans, LA

At Fire and Ice Heating & Air, we’ve established ourselves as a leading HVAC service provider in New Orleans, LA. Our years of experience have shaped us into a trusted partner for all your heating and air conditioning requirements.

Whether it’s new HVAC system installation, repair, or maintenance, expect nothing less than the utmost courtesy and professionalism from our team. Our team of NATE-certified technicians brings a wealth of experience and skill, ready to tackle any challenge your HVAC unit may present.

Best Choice for New Orleans Heater Repair

Our heating services are designed to deliver optimal relief from the cold, ensuring your family enjoys a warm and snug environment indoors. We’re committed to maintaining the peak performance of your furnace or heat pump, especially during the challenging winter months.

Our team of seasoned technicians is equipped with state-of-the-art tools to expertly identify and address any issues. Once we pinpoint the problem, we quickly implement the best HVAC system repair or replacement solutions, ensuring your system operates flawlessly once again.

Professional Air Conditioning Service New Orleans, LA

The temperature in your home or office, greatly influenced by your air conditioners, plays a pivotal role in your comfort and the well-being of everyone within those spaces. If you find that cranking up the air conditioner doesn’t bring the desired coolness, it’s a clear sign to seek air conditioning repair.

Beyond temperature control, we also emphasize the importance of IAQ. Our comprehensive services include assessing and improving the air you breathe, utilizing advanced techniques and equipment to avoid poor indoor air quality.

Commercial HVAC New Orleans LA

Fire and Ice Heating & Air offers specialized HVAC services tailored for commercial spaces in New Orleans. Understanding the diverse needs of businesses, we provide customized solutions to ensure optimal comfort and efficiency in your workplace.

  • Tailored HVAC Solutions: Our services cater to the unique demands of various commercial settings. From installation to maintenance, we focus on energy efficiency and system optimization, ensuring your HVAC meets the specific needs of your facility.
  • Expertise and Advanced Technology: Our NATE-certified technicians are equipped with the latest HVAC technology and knowledge, offering superior care and maintenance for your HVAC systems.
  • Dependable Maintenance and Emergency Response: We minimize business disruptions with reliable heating and AC system maintenance services, ensuring your operations run smoothly without unexpected downtime.
  • Indoor Air Quality Services: Recognizing the importance of a healthy workplace, we offer comprehensive indoor air quality products/services, creating a safer and more comfortable environment for employees and clients.

For efficient, reliable, and customized commercial HVAC services in New Orleans, trust Fire and Ice Heating & Air. Experience our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

HVAC Contractors in New Orleans and the Surrounding Areas

Fire and Ice Heating & Air has built a reputation for excellence in HVAC services, priding ourselves on exceptional customer support. Our skilled team offers top-notch heating and cooling solutions in various Louisiana locations, including:

  • Lafayette, LA
  • New Orleans, LA
  • Lake Charles, LA
  • Hammond, LA
  • Baton Rouge, LA
  • Shreveport, LA
  • Zachary, LA
  • Prairieville, LA
  • Walker, LA
  • Denham Springs, LA

If your area isn’t listed, please reach out to us. Our goal is to expand our services to meet the growing needs of both residential and commercial clients, providing access to our high-quality HVAC solutions and dedicated customer service.

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