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What You Should Know Before Buying An A/C Unit

Is it your first time hitting the HVAC market to shop for a new A/C? There are a few things you have to take note of so you get the air conditioning unit that’s best for your property and worth your money.

Air conditioners come in various types.
Shopping for a new air conditioning unit will be way easier and faster if you know exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re just replacing your existing unit and want to install the same type, you probably don’t have to understand the different types of A/C.

But if you do, here are your common options – central A/C, mini-splits, and portable. They can be either ducted or ductless. Ducted A/C units are more expensive to install, especially if there’s no existing ductwork yet.

Research each type of unit to know what suits your property best. For instance, central air conditioning systems are best for cooling multiple rooms at once. But if you are only going to cool a single room, a mini-split may be the best option.

Right size matters.
It’s crucial to install the right-sized A/C. Install an oversized air conditioning unit, and there would be several problems down the road. There may be too much humidity which would lower your indoor comfort. Too much moisture also invites mold growth, which will contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Meanwhile, a smaller A/C isn’t any better. An undersized A/C may never stop running, and your home won’t be cool enough even though your electric bills skyrocket.

To be clear, the size of an air conditioning unit does not refer to its physical dimension but to its cooling capacity, which is measured in BTU.

While BTU is typically calculated by multiplying the room’s square footage by 25 BTU, many other variables come into play in determining the correct size. So it would be better to ask a professional A/C installation tech in Gonzales, LA for assistance.

A/C efficiency affects the cost of the unit’s operation.
The air conditioning unit’s efficiency is measured in the seasonal energy efficiency ratio. The minimum SEER requirement is 14, as per the United States Department of Energy. That means most new A/Cs you can find in the market these days are already energy efficient.

The higher the SEER, the more efficient the system is. An efficient air conditioner will cool your room or house without consuming more electricity than necessary, so you won’t deal with skyrocketing electric bills every month.

Highly efficient A/Cs may be pretty expensive upfront, but you’ll get the return on investment in the long run in the form of low system operation costs.

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