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Heating System Maintenance Checklist

A preventive heating tune-up is all about inspecting your entire unit and ensuring that everything is in its best condition. But if you’re wondering about what specifically happens in the process, here are some of the tasks performed by an HVAC service tech:

• Checking carbon monoxide levels

• Adjusting gas pressure as needed

• Inspecting thermostat operation

• Checking and cleaning blower components

• Inspecting and tightening loose electrical components

• Inspecting pilot operation and adjusting as needed

• Inspecting heat anticipator settings

• Inspecting heat exchanger and burners, and cleaning or adjusting them as needed

• Inspecting for cracked heat exchanger

• Inspecting and testing safety controls

• Lubricating moving parts as needed

• Applying a protective coating to the outside unit

• Monitoring voltage and amperage draw

• Monitoring flue draft for safe operation

Note that the tasks included in a maintenance program will vary based on the company. So before hiring your prospective heating maintenance contractor in Gonzales, LA, it pays to ask them what they’ll do on your unit, so you also know what you’re paying for.

How Often Should A Heating System Be Serviced?

If you live in the Gonzales, LA area, you should have your heating system serviced once per year. But some types of heating systems, like the heat pump, may require more frequent maintenance since it runs throughout the year.

Why Does Your Heating Unit Need To Be Serviced?

There are many reasons why you should schedule your heating unit’s tune-up at least once per year. Here are some of those:

• It helps prolong the lifespan of your system

• It gives you peace of mind that your heating unit is operating as expected

• It allows you to maintain peak energy performance levels

• It reduces unnecessary repairs and call backs

• It lowers your electricity bills

By having your heating system serviced once per year, you can be confident that it’s running in its top condition. That means you don’t have to worry about system failure out of the blue. Furthermore, by following a proper preventive maintenance service program, you are lessening your chances of incurring major, costly repairs down the line.

So don’t wait for your unit to start having issues; schedule preventive heating system maintenance in Gonzales, LA today.

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