Top A/C Installation in Baton Rouge, LA

AC Installation In Baton Rouge, LA

Fire & Ice Heating & Air offers fast and dependable A/C installation in Baton Rouge, LA, and the nearby areas. Contact our experienced A/C technicians, and we’ll install your A/C in no time.


Signs You Need to Replace Your Old A/C


If you’re experiencing any of these signs, it is high time to purchase a new cooling system for your home. 


  • Limited Airflow or No Cool Air at All. If the air isn’t cold even if you turn on your system for a few minutes already, your equipment is not performing correctly. 
  • Moisture Buildup. You might have a refrigerant leak if moisture is present around your A/C. It can also pose serious health risk to your family.
  • Strange Sounds. Presence of strange sounds like grinding, chattering, or squeaking is not normal and it shouldn’t be taken as a normal indication of aging.
  • Foul Smells. Your cooling system should be giving out clean, neutral-smelling air. If you smell something burning, it can indicate serious problems.
  • High Energy Bills. If your energy bills have surged, the cause might be your cooling system that is working too hard to finish the job.


Enjoy the Comfort You Deserve with Fire & Ice Heating & Air


It’s your right to indulge your family in the most comfortable way, and it’s our job to help you. With our A/C installation services, you can rest easy as you and your family stay cool during the hottest days of the year.

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