Reliable Heating Repair in Baton Rouge, LA



When it’s winter and your heater isn’t working, you need quick and dependable repair to restore your comfort. This is why the company you choose to fix your furnace matters. For your heating repair needs in Baton Rouge, LA, you count on our certified technicians at Fire and Ice Heating & Air for guaranteed repair solutions—to almost all heating issues.


Is It Time to Call for Heating Repair?


Having a malfunctioning heating system in the middle of a cold winter night can be a total nightmare. When you notice any of these major signs, be sure to call Fire and Ice Heating & Air for the right solution.

  • Unusually High Energy Bills. Did your heating bills suddenly go way up? The truth is, your local utility company doesn’t raise energy rates from time to time. So if your bills are unusually high compared to the previous months, then it may mean either of these two:  you’re using more heat in your home or your heating system is no longer efficient due to an existing issue.
  • Cold and Hot Spots. Your heater is designed to warm your space evenly. But if some rooms are colder or hotter than the others, you’ll need an expert to inspect your system to identify and fix the cause of the issue. This way, you can fully enjoy the comfort throughout your home.
  • Strange Noises. A heater that’s in good working condition is relatively quiet. But if yours is getting noisier with banging sounds, it’s an indication of broken or loose parts that needs immediate repair. Especially for old heaters, they tend to get louder as they lose efficiency.
  • Poor Indoor Air Quality. An inefficient furnace may be circulating dust, dirt, allergens, and other air contaminants throughout your home. If replacing the filters didn’t work, then calling a heating repair company in Baton Rouge, LA may be your best option.


We Offer Expert Heating Repair Services For Homes & Businesses


No matter the problem, our certified technicians can handle repairs with results that exceed your expectations. Why suffer from the cold weather when you have us to solve your heating woes?

Call Fire and Ice Heating & Air at (225) 954-2312 for reliable heating repairs in Baton Rouge, LA today!