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Are you planning to install a brand new heating unit or need a system replacement? Whatever your situation is, you can count on Fire and Ice Heating & Air for a professional heating installation in Brusly, LA.

Our team has been installing different types of heating systems in residential and commercial properties. From furnaces to boilers, we can install it all. We carry a complete line of Carrier comfort products that meet any requirement.

How To Determine The Right Heating System For Your Home

The heating system requires a substantial amount of investment. Unless you want to end up wasting thousands of dollars, it’s always wise to be cautious when choosing the heating system you’ll install in your space. To give you a good start, here are the things to consider when shopping for a heating unit:


The budget you have is always your biggest concern. No matter how many choices of heating systems are available, the final decision comes down to what you can afford. If possible, go for a more expensive but high-quality option. It might seem wasteful at first, but it will pay later when you get lots of savings from operating the new unit. But don’t forget about the cost of getting heating installation services in Brusly, LA.


Efficiency matters. The more efficient the heating system is, the lower the fuel cost, which means savings on your part. Look at heating system’s Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) to know their efficiency levels. This information is usually displayed on the heating system’s faceplate. The higher the AFUE, the better. 

Energy Source

Heating systems may use electricity, natural gas, propane, or fuel oil to run. It would be best to know what fuel is readily available in your area and their prices. If you choose a heating system powered by fuel that’s not readily available in your place, you may have a hard time finding the fuel. And chances are if it’s rare, it’s expensive. So no matter how energy efficient your heating system is, if the price of its fuel is high, you still cannot save money.

Convenience And Ease Of Use

Think about how you and other people living in the house will be using the heating system. Will they require any special education to operate the unit? Check if it comes with controls that are easy to use and displays that are clear and user-friendly. Find out if the furnace has thermostats that allow users to set temperatures as preferred. Safety should always come first, so make sure your chosen heating unit offers high safety standards such as carbon monoxide detector protections and low voltage cut-off features, among others.

Location And Installation

When it comes to heating installation in Brusly, LA, think about your space too. Make sure the unit you choose fits well in the area where you will install it. If possible, measure your current heating equipment first if you’re replacing an old one or simply take measurements of the room before choosing a new model to ensure its compatibility with available space. 

Also, it’s better to get a professional installation service to ensure your new heating system has been set up properly. 

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