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This one is a bit tricky. Many variables come into play when finding the right unit for your space. You have to consider the room’s dimension to be cooled, the building’s thermal and physical characteristics, and a whole lot more. It would be best if you schedule an appointment with our HVAC experts so we know your heating or cooling requirements and give the best possible product recommendation. 

Generally, the frequency would depend on the amount of pollutants at home/office and the type of air filter you have. Generally, it’s recommended to replace your HVAC air filter every two to three months. But it’s also recommended to change or clean the filter if you have noticed dust and dirt build-up around the air vents, your allergies are getting worse, there’s an outrageous increase in electric bills, or your filter simply looks damaged and untidy.

The repair cost is definitely way lower than buying and installing a brand new unit. However, getting a replacement may serve you better if:

      • Your HVAC unit has been manufactured and installed decades ago.

      • Your HVAC unit requires constant repair.

      • The repair cost of your old unit has gone outrageously expensive 

      • You just want an upgrade (HVAC systems nowadays are more advanced and offer more innovative features)