Professional Heating Maintenance
in Denham Springs, LA

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Are you looking for a trusted and reliable heating maintenance in Denham Springs, LA?  Fire and Ice Heating & Air LLC is here to serve you. We are a team of experts who are skilled in heating maintenance and other HVAC jobs. The thing

We know the importance of having warm and cozy homes, especially in cold seasons. And for the sake of comfort in freezing temperature, you are forced to pay for heater repairs or heating replacement. 

But you know what? Heating maintenance is the key to avoid costly repairs on your heating system!


Why You Need Heating Maintenance

Nothing in the world lasts forever, but our skilled contractors can find ways to make your heating system last longer. With proper maintenance of your heater: 

  • you can use it longer
  • you use minimal energy
  • you get to save money

Also, regular heating maintenance makes sure that your heater is safely operating. That’s why it is vital to hire heating maintenance in Denham Springs, LA, who are skilled in heating maintenance systems.

Skilled contractors are responsible for tracing the source of issue in your heater, and they have enough knowledge and experience with complete tools to repair your equipment. 

Our heating maintenance experts will inspect the following:

  • Airflow
  • Electrical connections
  • Gas line
  • Condensate drain clogs
  • Heat exchangers
  • Safety controls
  • Burners


Disadvantages When Heating Equipment Lacks Maintenance

Due to lack of maintenance, your heater may experience problems. Especially when the weather at Denham, Spring, LA is cold, Expect the following issues that may occur:

  • Electrical-related issues. There will be thermocouple issues and clog due to faulty ignitions of electrics.  With this, your heater may not produce that much heat.
  • You will hear a noise. When you can hear sounds from your heating system, it’s a sign of ongoing mechanical problems. There is an airflow reduction happening as this problem is not at all typical.
  • Faulty thermostat. This problem involves the temperature, which has to be appropriately set. Setting it correctly is a challenge if the battery is a low charge or an old one. 
  • No heat is coming out. The main reason you buy a heater is to have heat to give you comfort in cold times. If your equipment can’t provide heat, it is useless.
  • The filter is dirty. Dirt can block your air filter. Your bills will continuously increase and damage the limit switch of your heater. This hinders your heater system from functioning correctly.
  • Short cycles regularly. Your heater will be experiencing a quick process if not correctly sized, and the thermostat is not correctly set. Or worst, the air filter could be obstructed.

If you experience any of the problems as mentioned earlier, you can call our team, an expert in heating maintenance in Denham Springs, LA, to make sure that:

  • You have enough heat or warmth. Does your heater system blow enough heat? It means the heated airflow is fixed.
  • You have sufficient heat.The blockage that prevents heat from flowing is fixed.
  • Some cycles occur frequently. The process of on and off repeatedly, which is not customary to your heating system, isn’t working at all. 

Stop wasting your money! Start your heating maintenance with us now! It is our mission to keep you warm on cold days. Your comfort is our priority. Leave your heater maintenance to our experts at Fire and Ice Heating & Air.

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