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It’s a challenge to stay comfortable during summer when your air conditioning unit isn’t working. At Fire and Ice Heating & Air, we completely understand how frustrating it is when your cooling system malfunctions, especially during hot days. So we make sure our HVAC services, including A/C repair in Walker, LA are delivered to restore your comfort. 

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When Should You Call In An HVAC Contractor for A/C Repair? 

When your air conditioning unit stops working the way it should, there are some things you can look into on your own before calling a professional HVAC contractor. Some issues could be simple and can be fixed yourself.

If you can’t find the problem or don’t have the knowledge or right tools to fix it, it’s time to get help from HVAC technicians. Specifically, call in cooling pros if you notice the following in your unit:

Sudden, Unusual Spike in Your Electric Bill

Your air conditioning unit uses a lot of electricity to function. And the amount of power it uses to cool your room usually increases when the system’s efficiency drops. So if your electric bill spiked up and you can’t think of any reason, you should look into your A/C. There could be many reasons behind low system efficiency such as dirty filters, failing capacitors, and low refrigerants. HVAC pros can help determine what makes your system less efficient and solve the sudden, unusual increase in the electric bill due to inefficient systems.

Poor Airflow

If the airflow from vents is lower than normal, you may have to call A/C repair techs in Walker, LA. Many things can restrict airflow such as blockage in the ducts. It is also possible that there’s a problem with the power source running your unit’s fan. While reduced airflow at the benign level seems like a minor problem, you shouldn’t ignore it. A lot of costly issues can stem from poor airflow in the long run.

Your A/C is Leaking

Your air conditioning unit may leak water or refrigerant. If it is the former, you can still try fixing the problem yourself. But if it’s the latter, you must call in professionals. Refrigerants are odorless but can be deadly if handled without proper care. You should not try to fix a refrigerant leak yourself for your own safety.

Frequent Short-cycling

A/C short cycling happens when something within the equipment prevents it from completing a cooling cycle. The cooling cycle happens from the time that the system kicks on to the time that the set temperature is reached. If the system turns off before it reaches the set temperature and turns on again, you should seek A/C repair in Walker, LA. Leaving your short-cycling unit as it is could not only compromise your comfort and decrease the system’s longevity, but can also drive up your energy bills.

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