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Essential Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist

Air conditioners are just like any other mechanical system in our homes. They always get used but are frequently ignored unless a problem has occurred. That’s when a service professional comes in to fix it. If you keep on neglecting routine maintenance for your cooling system, it will lead to reduced efficiency.

To prevent this, we’ve compiled a simple maintenance checklist for you.

Clean Your Condenser and Evaporator Units

The coil is composed of the refrigerant lines and adjacent radiator-like fins that line the cabinet of your outdoor A/C. The evaporator is the interior complement to the outdoor unit and has its coil. Dirt and debris on the coils decrease efficiency and stress the system’s mechanical parts.

Check Its Refrigerant Level

An insufficient amount of refrigerant makes a compressor work too hard, reducing the system’s efficiency and durability.

Inspect the Drain Pans and Condensate Drains

You should see to it that the drains remain unobstructed and clean. That’s because it ensures that the excess moisture is not trapped in the units or inside your house.

Check Outdoor Fan Motor and Blades

The fan on the outdoor unit tugs the air in through its coil fins. The indoor blower is the fan unit (motor, fan wheel, and housing) on your furnace. Older blowers may include a drive belt that should be examined and tuned or swapped as needed.

Check the Compressor and Refrigerant Tubing

If the refrigerant tubing is blocked or leaking, it won’t deliver enough coolant to the compressor, causing the compressor to work harder.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Older A/Cs often have ports on fan motors, compressors, and other parts for adding lubrication occasionally. Brand new models usually have sealed parts that don’t need to be lubed.

Inspect All Electrical Controls, Wiring, and Connections.

Your local HVAC expert should check all electrical components and hookups for soundness, wear, and damage.

Clean or Replace Air Filters

A clogged filter limits airflow to the system, hindering the motor from producing any results. We highly suggest you clean or change the filter as necessary. Then continue checking the filter every month. Using a clean filter can reduce your air conditioning costs by as much as 15 percent.

If you need any professional help with the checklist above, don’t hesitate to call the pros to ensure safety precautions.

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