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A cozy and comfortable home is all we want during the cold days of the winter. We at Fire and Ice Heating & Air are here to provide unrivaled HVAC services from installation, repair, and maintenance to ensure you won’t sleep with a broken heater. We have a team of proficient and licensed technicians ready to provide you the best comfort you deserve. Contact us now to schedule your service!

Telltale Signs You Need a Heating Repair

A malfunctioning heater in the middle of the night is everyone’s dreaded nightmare. For an average person, it’s definitely hard to spot the problem. But with these signs, you’ll know when your heater needs immediate repair. Check this out!

Short Cycles

When your heater is intermittently going on and off, there’s no doubt that it short cycles.  Short cycling is caused by overworked heat exchanger wherein your system automatically shuts down and restarts over again.   

Air Quality Issues

Does your indoor air is too hazy or stuffy without any reason? If so, maybe you need to check your furnace first. A faulty heating system is notorious for spreading allergens, mildew spores, and dust. So if you notice that almost everyone in your family is getting sick, then your furnace could be the culprit. Be sure to check your IAQ with an expert.

Always Requires Part Replacement

Repairs are normal. But, a heater that requires too many part replacements in just a short period is very unusual—unless there’s a hidden issue that should be addressed. A heater that always requires replacements can break your bank, not to mention the headache and discomfort it can cause.

You can arrange a full inspection, repair, or system upgrade with an HVAC specialist to address the issue.

HVAC’s Age

When your heating system reaches its prime age, don’t expect it to perform the way it used to be 10 or 15 years ago. An old heating system is prone to breakdown and could make your gas or electricity bills so high.

Strange Noises

Your heating system should quietly operate while providing you that warm and comfortable space.  Some of the strange sounds you have to watch out for are squeaking, banging, and rattling. Squeaking sound indicates an issue within the motor bearings, while rattling may be due to a blower assembly problem.  Once you noticed these sounds, it’s imperative to address them right away before your system deteriorates.

Your furnace is your best ally during the chilly months of the winter season. Being aware of these signs that your heating system needs professional help is very useful. This will guarantee that your HVAC system can serve you better and longer.

When in need of reliable heating repair in Denham Springs, LA, you can count on our experts at Fire and Ice Heating & Air for dependable residential and commercial HVAC services. Our dedicated and experienced HVAC specialists are always ready to deliver unmatched services. Call us now at 225-438-9622.