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Getting a new heater is exciting.  Unfortunately, many homeowners aren’t sure if their heating system was installed correctly or safely.


Gas heating equipment can be complicated, and several things could go wrong during installation. These are the signs that will let you know if something is wrong with your heating system.


How Can I Tell If My Heater Wasn’t Installed Correctly?


It Takes Too Long To Heat Up


You know when something’s wrong with your heating system when it takes to too long to heat up your home. If the room takes forever to heat up or it doesn’t stay warm for very long even though you’ve kept the thermostat at maximum, then there might be a problem with your heater.


It’s Too Hot— It Doesn’t Feel Comfortable At All


If you notice that even on the lowest possible temperature setting, it still feels uncomfortably warm in your house for no reason, then something is probably wrong with your heater. It may require repairs, or you might have to get a new one entirely if this keeps occurring on lower settings.


You Can Smell Gas


One sign that the installation process was done incorrectly is an unusual smell of gas when it’s on, especially if there shouldn’t be any odor at all. This can lead to a fire hazard and can be resolved with proper heating installation in Gonzales, LA by a licensed HVAC technician.


It Smells Like Smoke


Fires are more common than you think, especially since many people leave their heating system going for days. If you notice that it smells like smoke or burning plastic, then there’s a good chance that your heater has been overused and is malfunctioning due to high internal heat. This can pose a danger to your family.


It Shuts Off Frequently


Your heating system shouldn’t turn off on its own unless the thermostat is faulty or there’s something wrong with it. The most common reason one turns off on its own is due to bad installation practices. If the vent is not installed properly, it may jam shut, stop airflow, and force the equipment to turn itself off to prevent damage.


The Pilot Light Keeps Going Out


This means that the heater is not getting enough airflow to stay on. This happens for several reasons, but it can be solved by leaving the heating installation in Gonzales, LA to a certified professional.


It’s Making Weird Noises


Usually, you’ll know if your heater is making strange noises because they’re loud enough. However, some issues are too quiet for people to hear even if the heating equipment is right next to them. Other sounds can also signify problems, such as rattling when it’s running or metal pieces hitting each other when trying to start up.


Get Expert Heating Installation in Gonzales, LA!


These are all signs of a malfunctioning heating device. A professional can repair and correctly install your heater, preventing fire hazards and potential accidents. If you notice any of these signs, then it’s a good idea to call a reputable HVAC company so that they can take charge of heating installation in Gonzales, LA.


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