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Whenever you need to install a new heating system, it’s essential to contact the experts that can do it for you. These professionals do have the right skills, tools, and attitude to complete the job.

Fire and Ice Heating & Air provides unrivaled services for our residential and commercial clients in Denham Springs, LA, and surrounding areas. If you need any help with your heating or cooling system, feel free to contact us today!

Why Invest in an Efficient Heating System

When your old heating system already reached its prime, it only means one thing—it needs to be replaced right away. Here are the top reasons why a new HVAC system is a wise investment:  

Cleaner Air

When your furnace is on its last leg, it won’t work efficiently as it did before. Due to wear and tear, a crack may develop within your system’s heat exchanger which can lead to carbon monoxide leak. If left unnoticed, it may harm your health and comfort. Investing in a new HVAC system means you can enjoy clean and healthy air any season without the fear of CO leaks.

Environment Friendly

A high-efficiency heating system has a lower carbon footprint, making it environment-friendly than old models. This is why a new heating installation in Denham Springs, LA makes a smart choice.

Lower Utility Bills

New models of heating systems are now using state-of-the-art technology that is geared towards saving energy. HVAC systems that are energy-star certified are those that use minimal energy that help you save money on utility bills.

Quiet Operation

Your heater should operate quietly, unless there’s an issue that causes it to work with loud, banging noise. Commonly, newer heating systems are quieter because they are designed with advanced features like noise reduction. Sleep and rest comfortably with your new comfort system.

Better Control Options

With the advancement in technologies, you can easily control the temperature in your home. With a smartphone or tablet, it is now possible to control your furnace or air conditioning unit with smart HVAC equipment. No matter where you are, it would be easy for you to control and adjust the temperature seamlessly.

Increased Property Value

No buyer would want a house with a defective HVAC system. After all, you’re buying a house as an investment—not a waste of money. Installing a new heater is one way to attract more potential buyers. It will definitely be a sure deal!


If you’re thinking about installing a new heating system in Denham Springs, LA, be sure to contact the experts for guaranteed results. At Fire and Ice Heating & Air, we have certified and professional heating specialists who can get the job done right. We deliver a wide array of HVAC services, from installation and repair to maintenance.

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