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Have you noticed that your air ducts at home or the workplace look a bit unkempt or dirty? If yes, are you experiencing poor air quality because of this? 

Well, you deserve more out of your air conditioning and heating systems. At Fire and Ice Heating & Air, our team of licensed and professional HVAC specialists can provide you with the best professional duct services in Gonzales, LA so that you can achieve a healthy and cozy environment.

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Duct cleaning involves cleaning of return, supply, and intake vents. Cleaning the HVAC unit, fans, grills, furnace, and registers are included in the air duct cleaning too. It uses professional air duct cleaning equipment designed for this purpose. 

So, how do professionals conduct air duct services in Gonzales, LA? Below are the steps on how duct cleaning works: 

Pre-inspection of the air duct system

This is the first thing that technicians do after arriving in your place. They need to check the ductwork first and evaluate all access points. After this, they will decide what cleaning technique to use. 

Creating negative air pressure in the ducts

This is crucial to ensure that dirt, dust, and other debris spread all over your area. They are accumulated into the vacuum collection device instead. 

Agitating the dust

The technician will now strip each register and clean the ducts one at a time. This is done once the system is already under negative pressure. The pollutants on the duct walls are taken out, such as bacteria, pollen, dirt, etc. Certified technicians ensure that dust is removed and drawn into the vacuum collection unit. That is why they use vacuum cleaners, compressed air tools, and rotating brushes to agitate the ductwork wall. 

Cleaning the rest of the system is recommended

To make your HVAC system more efficient and extend its life span, cleaning other parts will help maximize its performance. Services would include cleaning or changing the filter. Aside from this, they also clean some components like the drain pan, evaporator coil, and air handler’s blower motor. 

Final inspection

Once the air duct cleaning process is finished, technicians will conduct another assessment. This ensures that the ducts are thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom. 

Moreover, it is still best to talk to a professional before deciding if you need duct cleaning for your home or office. 

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Cleaning the ducts is one way to alleviate the suffering of those with asthma and other allergies. It removes mold, dust, and other substances that can cause an allergy from the air circulation system. 

It is best to keep your cooling and heating ducts clean, whether or not you have health concerns. 

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